Emo Hairstyles for Christmas

With Christmas having just passed, we wanted to make a quick post outlining some of the popular emo hairstyles and emo news over the past year. Our emo hair gallery has been more popular than ever in the past year with hundreds of new images submitted.

You may have gotten a lot of Christmas presents, such as straighteners, highlighters, clips, rosehip oil etc. For those of you who didn’t get one of those Arducopters or DJI phantom drones for Christmas, perhaps you got a number of hair makeover kits, like featured in this video. Either way, let’s just say that any hair makeover product is likely to be less dangerous than those drones! But what hairstyles have been popular in 2014, and what do you need to look out for in 2015?

Pinterest has skyrocketed in popularity in 2014, with more and more emo girls and emo boys posting pictures of either their favorite outfit, or their favorite emo hairstyles. Here are a few below:




We have noticed that a lot of emo girls have dyed their hair purple, pink, cyan or other more unusual colours in the past year.

The Pinterest board for emo scene hair received 900 new photos over the past 12 months, and we have also noticed a number of new celebrities adopting emo hairstyles, such as Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, temporarily.

However, rather than cutting it short or medium and keeping it spikey either at the top or on the sides, more emo girls have opted to grow out their hair and then dye it with a combination of highlights and lowlights, such as in the picture to the right.

It is likely that the trend in 2015 for emo hairstyles will keep going up. We have already seen male celebrities such as the One Direction boys adopting scene hair. However, I think that the greatest change will come in the number of emo girls who will want to straighten their hair and buy a couple of hair products, in order to achieve the emo looks that are now so popular on Pinterest and even Instagram!