Fashionable Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are usually constrained to rock groups and emo teeners but the truth is, you easily find these styles in the runway, sported by celebrities and even donned by career women (and even men!) and executives. Cosmopolitan reports women are even setting their hair on fire by dyeing their strands fiery red these days.


Here are four great examples of emo hairstyles that have gone mainstream:

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From left to right:

1. Auburn Emo Hairstyle

Black base hair colors are the norm for emo looks, but you can always try this auburn hue. It is still dark enough and with the right makeup, you can pull off a rock vampire chic look like the one pictured above. It is also formal enough to pull off wearing in an office environment. Bonus? Bangs in a wispy curvy style are good for softening a square face (strong jaw) or reducing a high (large) forehead in heart-shaped faces.

2. Platinum Blonde Stacked Bob

Bob haircuts can instantly turn emo with how you style it. By backcombing layers towards your face, you instantly get an emo effect. Platinum blonde is always glamorous. Coupled with an asymmetrical cut, this is flattering for round-shaped faces. Easily add height and face length by teasing top layers.

3. Sleek Fringes

Emo haircuts need not be short all the time. Medium lengths can be emo too! You can do thinned out edges on your hair strands and have full bangs. Full bangs or fringe that extend just above the eyebrows that shade the eyes is a popular emo hairstyle.

Make them shine by using a hair serum to make for a glamorous look. You can also use red and purple accents to further highlight your fringe.

4. Textured Bob

Not ready to go all out emo yet? Try this textured and angled bob with long heavy bangs. Your layers can be cut to the side and when you style your hair, tousle them slightly with wax to make it edgy.

Red color accents provide an intriguing but subtle contrast!