How to Get an Emo Hairstyle

While emo hairstyles back in the day were trademark hairstyles of rockers, musicians and anime (Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean pop, manga/comics) lovers, these are now considered mainstream hairstyles, with most celebrities rocking the ‘do in one form of another.

What makes a hairstyle ‘emo’?



Fringe bangs, sheared asymmetrical haircuts and bold colors are trademarks of emo hairstyles.

How to Get Emo Hair


  1. Get a haircut. Emo haircuts usually have chunky layers that are bluntly cut with side-swept full bangs that extend to the eyebrows.
  1. Ask for a razor trim. Emo haircuts usually feature super-sharp, straight edges. You can ask the hairstylist to use a razor comb on the ends of your hair to achieve this cut.
  1. Thin hair on the bottom. Most emo haircuts feature styles that are teased and thick on top but thin and straight at the bottom. To achieve this, ask your hairstylist to think out the bottom part of your hair, about three to four inches.
  1. Color your hair. This is an optional step but emo hair colors usually include bold hues – jet black, blonde, neon streaks, etc.
  1. Do it gradually. you can always make it shorter, but growing hair, especially when it is cut in layers takes a while. Stay a bit longer if you are trying the emo cut for the first time. You can have it shorter next time.
  1. To style your emo hair, tease your top layers and apply hairspray. Use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb your hair (moving comb towards your scalp, not away from it). You can use a hair straightener to achieve perfectly straight hair at the edges.

How to take care of your Emo Hairstyle

Dying, teasing and straightening your hair to achieve an emo hairstyle can be damaging to your strands. Here are a few ways to take care of your hair:

  1. Watch out for split ends. To prevent split ends, have your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.
  1. Use a heat protectant before you use a hair straightener when styling.
  1. If you wish to style your hair everyday, train your hair so that it can be washed once or twice a week. Or you can use natural organic shampoo products that are guaranteed to be gentle with your strands.
  1. Use the right hair care products. Use products that don’t contain sodium sulfates.
  1. Take a hair styling break at least once a week to let your hair rest from products. You can wear a hat over it instead or tie your hair back.