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Emo Hairstyles Defined

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An emo image was traditionally associated with angsty teenagers. Loneliness, melancholy and emotional mood swings were often associated with it too. You can say an emo image was associated with pessimistic feelings. However, this is no longer true in the modern world. Emo teenagers are no longer depressive and emo hairstyles now extend even to the working class.

Emo hairstyles now express one’s individuality to the core and convey a certain vulnerability or sensitivity that shows courage and strength. Emo hairstyles are no longer confined in a box as they are versatile and can mean many different styles.

Some key characteristics remain the same though. They are the following:

1. Bangs


It’s all about the bangs. And by bangs, we mean not the wispy kind but full bangs swept to the side or just right on the forehead. Emo bangs are created by cutting several layers of hair and sweeping it to the side. Usually longer than traditional bangs so the eyes and a cheekbone are partially covered. Messy, straight – you can make it your own!

2. Layers

Emo-Boys-Hairstyle-with-Bangs  Sweet-Emo-Guys-Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are all about creating layers. The mullet is a perfect example of an emo hairstyle. Choppy cuts – hair at the crown is cut shorter than the rest – are characteristic of this style. Bob hair cuts get an emo twist by making the front hair longer with the hair at the back gradually becomes shorter.


3. Color


Color highlights an emo hairstyle – literally and figuratively. Black and brunettes work great with emo highlights such as green, blue or red.

4. Styling


Styling further defines an emo hairstyle. Backcombing – or combing hair towards the face (and not away) is a trademark style. Teasing the upper portion of the hair is normal, generally held together by wax.

Little things you can do with your hair to get an emo look:

  1. Add a chunky hair color highlight.
  2. Snip off hair edges by thinning them out at the tips – a razor cut does this trick.
  3. Play around with bangs! Usually, just styling with bangs create an emo look already. Trim a thick section of your hair at the crown, so that your bangs can cover half the forehead and usually one eye.
  4. Straighten your hair, especially at the edges. Emo looks are usually tousled at the top ending with straight edges to the side of the face (you could always try vitamin c serum to reduce wrinkles!).

Coloring an Emo Hairstyle: Tips and Tricks of the Trade

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Hair color is an essential aspect of achieving a true emo hairstyle. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:


The Basic Emo Hair Color

Here are some components of a basic emo hair color. Don’t let this fool you as emo hairstyles are very personalized. They do share similar characteristics, though, like the following:

Base Shades

The base hair colors are usually natural and darker hues. Black and browns are usually the frontrunners. Blondes usually bleach their hair white to be more unique. Red heads usually darken their shades to starker or richer hues.

Color Accents

A trademark emo hairstyle usually has bold colored accents. Bright hues such as teal, fuschia, green or any color that stands out well against the dark hair base are preferred. These accents make one’s emo hairstyle personalized.

Here are some popular uses of these accents:

  1. Using color accents on the bangs. These emphasize the fact that they are covering their faces, making it dark and broody. Most usually have dark eye makeup to achieve the full effect.
  1. Using color accents on the tips of the hair – tips of bangs, or tips of the whole hair to the sides.
  1. Using color accents in chunks. These are usually done in complimentary colors.
  1. Using color accents in thinner sections, usually around the face.

The key to wearing color accents is the color should show the person’s personality. Emo hairstyle is a personal expression.

TIP: Color accents should not be too vibrant as they may be interpreted as funky/punk hair styles.

Tips to Having Emo Hair Color

Going DIY? Watch this video for tips:

  1. Before dying your hair, you can use a temporary hair color (or even hair chalk) to experiment which color you like best.
  1. Once you color your hair, remember that you need to take care of it more by using a good condtioner and as much as possible, natural and gentle hair care products to keep your strands healthy.